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Operators within the heritage sector continually face a multitude of challenges brought upon them by changes in social, cultural or economic forces. Approaches to meet these challenges will differ from one organisation to another. Heritix is a heritage consultancy that can provide a customised approach to help bring the best out of heritage visitor sites, whether supporting a project or by engaging our practical experience and use of digital technologies on a historic building or museum. Our aim is to support you create, develop or maintain your unique visitor experience.

Heritix harnesses a wealth of talent from qualified resources of varying levels applying their heritage skills on projects and delivering your goals.

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Community & Public Engagement

Our services


* 360 degree virtual tours
* aerial drone filming
* 3D visualisation
* Photogrammetry
* Digitally rendered reconstructions
* 3D printing


* Museum collections 
* Raise gender awareness in collections
* Heritage trails and tours 
* Display label and interpretation auditing
* Schools and education packs 


* Archive research
* Artefacts and collections
* Historic buildings
* Living histories

Community & Public engagement

* Citizen engagement and research projects
* Volunteer management
* Volunteer training and support
* Audience development and analysis

Heritage Policy

* Audience accesibility
* Diversification and gender awareness
* Colonialsim and slavery

Oral history projects

* Project planning and delivery
* Compliance 
* Guidance and training

Diversity and Inclusion

* Gender awareness 
* Audience development 

Conservation Planning and Management

* Conservation Management Plans
* Statement of Significance
* Quinquennial Reports



Heritix have created a unique and innovative tool to help curators with gender interpretation. 

Gender Tool Kit

We can help you look at your existing collections in ways to uncover hidden stories of gender. We can help you create diverse, positive representations of gendered history. Using the Heritix 'gender Tool Kit', we can help embed new ways of working to reveal hidden stories with your audience.

* Museum and historic gendering 
* Raise gender awareness in collections
* Diversifying museums through a gender lens
* Gender specific historical research on collections   


Digital Heritage

Digital interpretation of key features in historic buildings or sites enabling visitors to enjoy and engage the site or object in an alternative medium.   

Digital and audio visual enhancement

* interactive 360 degree virtual tours
* aerial drone filming
* 3D visualisation 
* Photogrammetry
* Digitally rendered reconstructions


Community & Public Engagement

We can advise or support on community engagement and research projects including volunteer management and training. We are also able to advise on interptretation of heritage and heritage collections for younger age groups.

Education and younger audiences

* development of engaging KS1-4 educational materials for use by parents and schools

* board displays, exhibitions, signage and interpretative pathways aimed at a younger demographic

* app and gamification technologies 

Jeff Nicholls, BSc (Hons), MA

Jeff studied Archaeological Techniques with the University of Exeter and has a postgraduate Master’s Degree in Heritage Theory & Practice from the University of Plymouth. His postgraduate work included a role as a Research Assistant on a heritage and health project examining the relationship between heritage and well-being. He is a Trustee of a Museum and volunteers as an assistant archivist and researcher specialising in maritime history. He is project lead on a new heritage trail for the town of Topsham in Southwest England. At Heritix, he applies his passion for history and heritage by helping clients develop innovative ways to improve their operations and projects. Jeff is a contributor of maritime history features to the popular history website, 'Histories of the Unexpected'. 

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